Friend, don’t forget those who filled your life with life

Do trees love? I presume that they don’t, for if they do love, how could they remain standing after they loose their loved ones?

What is death? is it the disappearance of our bodies in coffins, or is it the disappearance of our memories and the mentioning of our names amongst our loved ones?

I mean what is the difference between that one who is present with you in body only and the one who is present with you in body and mind, but your mind is not attentive to him and that one that is away from you physically but your mind is always remembering him?

What is being present and what defines being away?

Those who passed away but still remembered in our talks are they really away?
We only remember those who filled our life with life! how could they be away when their memories are embedded in everything?
how could we call them away when the echo of their sound is still in the air?

I worked in the Cleveland Clinic for one year with Dr. PHILIP SCHAUER, who is one of the most successful surgeons in his generation, before moving back to Kuwait only few weeks ago. Last Wednesday Dr. SCHAUER landed in Kuwait to give talks at the first Gulf Obesity conference. Despite his long and tiring flight, he kindly accepted my invitation for dinner. It seems that nothing can kill his energy.

While we were driving in the car, he asked me whether he had told me about a Kuwaiti gentleman who stayed at their house in Fairfax Virginia in the Sixties of the last century. He went on telling me how wonderful was that young Kuwaiti, who at the age of eighteen came to the US to study English, prior to joining an Engineering school in Colorado. He was loved by the Schauer family and treated like one of their own. He had a great personality according to Dr.Schauer, that truly distinguished him. His name was Jaffar Aseeri.

While at dinner I posted a photo in INSTAGRAM of Dr.Schauer with Dr.Moosa Khorsheed who joined us, and mentioned that Dr. Schuaer would like to meet Jaffar Aseeri. I had many replies, and all were shocking.

Jaffar Aseeri received his master degree and PHD from the US before joining Kuwait University to be one of the first Kuwaitis working there. He went on to become the dean of the Engineering school at a very young age in the Eighties. He married Sawsan Almaraghi, and had two daughters, Farah (joy) and Fajer (Dawn). Then he joined Al Ain University as a visiting professor during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He passed away in a tragic car accident only two months after the liberation of Kuwait.

Philip was saddened by what we found out, and insisted on meeting his small wonderful family. It was a beautiful meeting with stories about Jaffar that happened in time period unknown to them.

Could you imagine that quarter a century after the passing of your loved one, a stranger coming from a different world from overseas tells you how wonderful was your loved one half a century ago?

Whats even more incredible is that the Kuwaiti teenager went on to have a very successful career in his country, while the nine years old kid went on to become one of the most prominent surgeon of his generation!

There is no doubt that remembering our loved ones bring actual life into them
There is no doubt that death is not the death of our bodies
But death is the disappearance of our memories amongst our loved ones, therefore love is life that cant be destroyed!
Do not forget your loved ones, friend
Do not forget those who filled your life with life!

4 آراء حول “Friend, don’t forget those who filled your life with life

  1. I honestly don’t know which is more touching the English version or the Arabic version. MashAllah I thought medical school kills our talent in writing, not in your case, doctor! You don’t seem to fail in choosing the perfect words!
    🙂 Great blog

    • Medical schools are stressful, therefore you have to find a stress reliever… Different people choose different techniques! I think nothing relieves stress like writing.
      You will also get exposed to life with its extremes of sorrow and happiness. So set back and take a moment to reflect on what you encounter in the hospitals. It will give you a great insight into life, though life is so deep that words could never describe it.
      I really appreciate your comment. Thanks

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