I Dream therefore I Live

Schopenhauer thought that dream and only dreaming is what keeps us going in this life! And that whenever we achieve one dream we get bored and start looking for another right away. So, he concludes that life is purposeless since we hop from one dream to another without achieving true happiness which is in essence the escape from boredom.

I tend to agree with him that dreaming keeps us living, we are merely dreaming creatures and the whole purpose of our life is achieving the one big dream that each one of us have in their minds. Though, virtually no one achieves his big dream, maybe a glimpse of it if you were a lucky one.

During my last visit to Montreal,my childhood and university friend picked me up to go to one of my favorite restaurants (RUMI), he does not like it much and he complained of why I Insist on choosing it. My excuse was that it’s ambiance takes me back in history, it makes me dream therefore it affects my imagination and my time!
As soon as I stepped into the car, I laughed!

Me: where did all your hair go?!
Him: laughing
Me: imagine you were nine years of age, and I came to you with a prophecy, that at the age of Thirty you would be a bald man, living in a city thousands of miles away from home, in a fall season that is brutally cold far from most of your loved ones. You will be working one hundred and twenty hours per week and on top of all that you would be driving a tiny Japanese car. Imagine I told you that prophecy, what would you do?
Him: laughingly, I don’t know maybe kill myself. By the way we are not at the restaurant yet, how did you get your inspiration without your so called restaurant ambiance?!

Though he lived twenty one more years… He did not imagine that this would be his destiny!

If you look at him, his destiny is wonderful in comparison to others, he has a beautiful small family, he is a very good doctor and he has a one of a kind personality. Imagine the rest of the human race? Their dreams kept them living but it never paid its promise, until death knocked on their doors without any prior notice!

Could you imagine a beautiful dream, one that was interrupted by your morning alarm? Do you remember the vast amount of annoyance when you woke up from it by the alarm?
Death comes this way, it’s nothing but a very annoying alarm that you can not control nor snooze!

The more dream there is in something, the more life you should find within it. We love mysterious people and mysterious stories because they allow us to dream more!

When a child is born, he is nothing but thousands of dreams!
He might become like the mighty Alexander
Or a poet whom thousands of virgins kneel at the beauty of his words!
Or a hero that is unstoppable!
Then him child grows up and the dreams surrounding him diminish!
Hence, when you age you loose the ability to generate dreams around you!

Life in essence is two things; time and dream! They are the only two things we own in this life. If you think deeper you find that one of them is out of your control (time or age), and the other is under your control (dream). Therefore, if you wish to increase life in your age, dream and make your dream limitless.
But all dreams are limited by time?! And we get bored from all dreams once we achieve them. What should we do about that?

Make your dream a limitless one! A dream not limited by time nor age!
Make your dream an immortal one…. your love an immortal love and choose an immortal beloved! Only then you shall not be bored

Only then death shall not disturb you, since it will never be able to cease your ability to dream!

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