I fear you

Need not to avoid fear, it’s impossible to avoid! You can only embrace it like a lover but do not succumb to it! It’s a nature call, how could you ignore natures calling?!
All what you can do is to go through it like a hunter diving into a sea full of treasures and pearls!

Fear is a sea and success is a pearl deep in its waters! You can only have fear when you are on the road to glory! There is no glory with no fear! They go together… Always!

Ali the prince of believers said if you fear something then just do it! That fearing it is worse than doing it!

I fear you! Fear your beautiful eyes! Fear my heart racing in your presence and my tears making a seen of me! Though this shall not stop me for sailing into you!

I shall let your wind take me wherever pleases you! Those winds that carry the scent of roses blooming in the middle of spring! And the clouds that brings me your rains washing earth and thy soul!

I fear you so much when you are with me, but for having you I shall not fear! Fear is so majestic when it comes because of you and from you! I will take fear take me to you!

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